SITUATION ROOM MINI-SODE – Nintendo Switch Reactions – Dense Pixels Podcast


DENSE PIXELS SITUATION ROOM KLAXON ENGAGE! Micah, Brad, Terrence, and Carrie (and Jay!) rush to the Dense Pixels Situation Room to give our reactions to the newly revealed Nintendo Switch in this special mini-sode! Find out what we think about the hardware, our questions we have, where we think the price will land, and who among us is already planning to pick one up on March!

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Everyone Loves Nolan North – Episode 165 – Dense Pixels Podcast


This week we discuss the impending video game voice actor strike, Steam finally being able to use the best controller in the business, rumored news from BlizzCon, the Red Dead 2 announcement, and much more!

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Black Guy Revenge Simulator – Episode 164 – Dense Pixels Podcast


This week we have a long conversation about Mafia III, both about its merits as a game but also as a conduit for examining social issues. We also find out what it would take Micah to buy PlayStation VR, reveal how not to react to a simple misunderstanding, laugh at Brad’s confusion over the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s locale, and much more!

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Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children? – Episode 163 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Brad and Terrence can’t stop playing Destiny, we talk about the rumored changes to Destiny 2, Forza’s Driveatar system hits us in the feels, gamers are legally going after the developers who wronged them, we discuss the big new changes for Twitch, and much more!

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Once Again, What YOU PEOPLE Want – Episode 162 – Dense Pixels Podcast


When confronted with one of the lightest dockets we’ve ever had, there’s only one thing to be done…that’s right! We ask what YOU PEOPLE want us to talk about! Among the topics you bring us are TJ Perkins’ awesome new WWE entrance, who wins a 007 street fight, when we take video games too far, Cam Newton’s next post-game look, and much more!

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My Favorite Store on the Citadel, Ohh Yeeeeah! – Episode 161 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Brad is back and dishing about his experience at the Gamestop Expo. Hear his thoughts on whether or not VR will be a solid investment, the game he’s most bullish on coming out of the expo, and impressions of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Forza Horizon 3 among others. We also discuss Titanfall, which American-made videogame characters belong on a stamp, why some Pokemon GO users are waving the flag of entitlement, what Macho Man Randy Savage would sound like in Mass Effect, and more!

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The F@#$! Sony Episode – Episode 160 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Brad is in California hobnobbing with celebrities so Carrie joins Terrence and Micah this week. We get your opinions on Japanese developers and publishers, talk 4k consoles, find out what viagra and Mass Effect: Andromeda have in common, and Terrence makes his hate known for another Japanese company.
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The Scales of Justice – Episode 159 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Brad and Micah are without Terrence this week, but given the amount of Nintendo stories on the docket, that may not be a bad thing! We also are discussing the constant delay cycles of any and all Gran Turismo games, the most appropriately named wrestling finisher ever, Lindsay Lohan’s failure to battle Take Two, the problem with announcing expansions before the main game sees release, and much more!

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Never Rub Another Man’s Rhubarb – Episode 158 – Dense Pixels Podcast


This week we gave a good old-fashioned debate around the No Man’s Sky refund controversy! We also discuss Nintendo being awful marketeers, chide Micah for his non-existent impulse control, and much more!

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PIXELSLAM ‘16!!!!: Changing the *?%& Out Them Channels – Episode 157 – Dense Pixels Podcast


Summerslam 2016 was this past weekend, so the best video game podcast that also occasionally reviews wrestling events in the world breaks it down and tell you why Brooklyn sucks! On the video game front, Micah gives his completely uninformed No Man’s Sky review, we go in hard on Square and Konami, talk about Nintendo’s most successful business deal of the year, tell you which video game-themed clothing will be tops on your Christmas list this year, and so much more!

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